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WebValley 2017 Hotel

WebValley 2017 will be hosted by Hotel Casez!

WebValley 2017 is Coming!

WebValley 2017 is coming with a brand new Data Science project:  Sensors, drones, and deep learning for better food (June 18 - July 8, 2017)

WebValley 2016 @ Radio Trentino In Blu

Webvalley 2016 on Radio RaTrentino In Blu! Podcast @ Radio Trentino In Blu

Tirocinio curriculare a WebValley

La scuola WebValley vale come Tirocinio Curriculare!

Congratulations to the ISEF winners!

Congratulations to the 3 winners from ISEF2016 in Phoenix, AZ: Vikul Gupta from Portland, OR, Francisca Vasconcelos from San Diego, CA and Louis Madden from Clones, Ireland!