WebValley2016 Is Coming!

WebValley 2016 is coming with a brand new Data Science project: Machine Learning for Portable Spectroscopy (June 19 - July 9, 2016)

WebValley2015 Short Film

[ITA only] Watch out the documentary about WebValley2015 on the Italian national broadcasting service Rai

Save the Date! WebValley 2015 Closing Event

On Friday, July 10th at 17.30 WebValley participants will present the “PhysioWat” Project: a web-based platform for predictive analysis of data collected through physiological wearable sensors.
The public event will be held in the Public Theatre of San Lorenzo - Dorsino (via del Teatro, 1).
Join us! 

Francesco Profumo @ WebValley 2015

The President of Fondazione Bruno Kessler Francesco Profumo visited WebValley Lab on 25th June and on 2nd July. Italy's former Minister of Education talked with the students-researchers, asking them how it would be if all WebValley Alumni could gather together...

ComfTech @ WebValley: Sensorized garments for wearable monitoring

Check out the presentation on Wearable sensors and mobileHealth services by ComfTech on personalized medicine and newborn monitoring garments.