This year's mission:

Next Generation Computational Biologists

What are the desiderata needed to profile the top-notch data scientist for computational biology of the next generation? What blending of skills constitutes an essential portfolio?

WebValley 2020 tries to answer these questions, providing essential domain knowledge and effective operative tools. In details, the WebValley Team will delve into omics biology, implementing machine and deep learning solutions through high-quality software collaboratively produced. Using the bleeding edge case study of unsupervised machine learning on single-cell sequencing, we aim at forging a working prototype of the high-quality toolbox required to make a young researcher attractive to excellence biotech lab worldwide, thus providing a valuable training package.

2019 mission:

AI for predictive medicine

The scientific theme of WebValley 2019 is the application of Deep Learning methods to the integration of biomedical imaging, omics markers and clinical data for predictive health. In particular, the project will aim at widening the use of machine learning on massive health data out of the hospital context, e.g. for surveillance and point of care of disease.

In collaboration with medical experts, the WebValley team will study how to combine phenotype data, extensive clinical exams and biomarkers from portable imaging devices. Challenges will span from biomedical to machine learning and techs aspects, from reproducibility and interpretability of AI in health to practical skills in data science, including how to run privacy-aware deep learning in cloud.