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WebValley 2017 is coming

A brand new Data Science project
Sensors, Drones, and Deep Learning for Better Food
in Casez, Italy (June 18 - July 8, 2017)

Applications are closed

General track deadline: CLOSED

Learn advanced Python for cutting edge Data Science and Deep Learning to develop a new solution for on-field evaluation of fruit quality and safety, with brand new AI algorithms and miniaturised sensors! A team of 20 international students will learn how to integrate vision and portable spectrometry using Deep Learning, the revolutionary tech that has enabled autonomous driving. WebValley will provide an unique interdisciplinary experience on biology of environmental safety, GPU cloud computing, 3D printing, IOT systems and small sized drones, working on a project in team with experts in machine learning.

The project will be run in a tech lab, set up by FBK in cozy village in Trentino, Italian Alps. The students will be the protagonists, supported by FBK researchers and other tutors of international level. Joining WebValley by means of one of our fellowships will provide an unique experience on some of the most interesting themes of smart techs and innovation (IOT systems, GPU cloud computing, 3D printing, and more), combined with research in biology and environmental health. Further, we will simulate and use small size drones to develop a device carrier.

The outcome products of the project will be evaluated by major national companies, including CAVIT (wine producer) and S. Orsola (#1 berry producer in Italy). Collaborations with Microsoft Azure and Mario Boella Institute will allow to test in the cloud machine learning methods and IOT solutions, in combination with the Hololens device for augmented reality.

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WebValley 2017 Hotel

6 months, 3 weeks ago

WebValley 2017 will be hosted by Hotel Casez!


WebValley 2017 is Coming!

8 months, 4 weeks ago

WebValley 2017 is coming with a brand new Data Science project:  Sensors, drones, and deep learning for better food (June 18 - July 8, 2017)


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Tirocinio curriculare a WebValley

1 year, 6 months ago

La scuola WebValley vale come Tirocinio Curriculare!


Congratulations to the ISEF winners!

1 year, 7 months ago

Congratulations to the 3 winners from ISEF2016 in Phoenix, AZ: Vikul Gupta from Portland, OR, Francisca Vasconcelos from San Diego, CA and Louis Madden from Clones, Ireland!