The Team


Claudia Dolci

Director of WebValley, she co-directs together with Giuseppe Jurman WebValley’s Summer School since 2009. With a PhD at ETH Zurich, she started working in 2009 at the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) in the Predictive Models for Biomedicine and Environment (MPBA) Unit as Project Manager & GeoICT Expert. From June 2017 she is leading the RIS Unit (Research and Innovation for School), which accomplishes FBK commitment to collaborate with institutions operating in this field. Each year more than 500 students are involved in networking projects between local bodies, including individual traineeships and camp. She promotes DomoSens®, a new model for projects with the schools.

Giuseppe Jurman

Co-Director and Head of the MPBA Unit at FBK. Contributing to WebValley since 2002, Giuseppe Jurman is a mathematician, with a PhD in Algebra, working at MPBA on various aspects of data science, especially for computational biology. His main research interests are statistical machine learning, mathematical modeling for high-throughtput data and network analysis. He is also an expert in scientific programming with Python and other computing languages, and he teaches Data Visualization at the M.Sc. in Data Science at the University of Trento.

Lab Team

Andrea Gaiardo

Andrea Gaiardo obtained his PhD in Physics in 2018 after graduating in Chemical Sciences at the University of Ferrara. He is currently a researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. His research is focused on the study and development of nanotechnologies for various applications, mainly related to gas sensors and environmental monitoring.

Matteo Valt

Matteo Valt obtained his PhD in Physics in 2020 after graduating in Chemical Sciences at the University of Ferrara. He is currently a researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. His research covers different aspects of the solid-state physics, from the development and characterization of innovative nanostructured materials for gas sensors for different applications to the study of solid-gas surface phenomena through in-situ / operando techniques.

Pietro Tosato

Pietro Tosato after earning his PhD in electronics at the University of Trento in 2019, joined the Bruno Kessler Foundation as a researcher. He is currently involved in supporting the integration of sensors and electronics production. His interests include low-power embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

Marco Magoni

Marco Magoni is a first year PhD student in Physics at the University of Ferrara with a sponsorship from FBK. The main topic of his research is the development of a machine learning method to study the air pollution. He graduated at Milan where he studied High Energy Physics.

Luca Coviello

Luca Coviello is a PhD student in Industrial Innovation, working on applying Deep Learning in the Agrifood industry. He received the M.Sc. degree in Data Science from the EIT Digital Master School in November 2018. He participated in WebValley 2012 and started working in MPBA-FBK the next year, focusing on bioimaging and web applications. He is interested in deep learning and environmental sciences.

Gabriele Franch

Gabriele Franch has completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science between FBK and the University of Trento. He participated in WebValley in 2002 and has worked in FBK and several startups in the last 10 years. Now he is a researcher at FBK, applying deep learning to weather nowcasting, to help civil protections in Italy to prevent floods. He has been webvalley lab tutor in the years 2009-2014 and 2017-2018.

Christian Stefani

Christian Stefani is a bachelor student in informatics at University of Trento and he has been collaborating with FBK as a scientific programmer and web developer. His work is focused on the development of machine learning methods on the topic of air pollution and web resources such as dashboards.

Carlotta Cazzolli

Carlotta Cazzolli is a B.Sc student in Computer, Communications and Electronic Engineering at Trento University. She is currently working as a junior scientific programmer in the Data Science for Health unit.

Scientific Secretary

Beatrice Dalpedri

Beatrice is a PHD student in Computational Biology at the University of Trento - COSBI. At WebValley she works as Scientific Secretary, supporting the WebValley Team with logistics and assisting WebValley participants.

Innovation & Communication Consultants

Francesca Stoppa

Francesca graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Rutgers University in New Jersey (USA) and she is currently enrolled in the Master in Eco-Social Design at Unibz. She worked for GHDPartners as an Environmental Graphic Designer in New York and she teaches design thinking, complex problem solving at Artigianelli and Arcivescovile, two High Schools in Trento.

Marco Gadotti

Creative Developer freelancer and teacher at the Artigianelli Institute since 2020. He’s been a student at the Fontys Academy of Fine Art in the Netherlands and then in TAG - Trento Alta Formazione Grafica in Italy, where he took an in-depth look at Design Thinking methodologies and techniques. At WebValley he’s working on bringing the design methodologies in different fields such as education and research.


Cesare Furlanello

Director of Scientific Program. Cesare is a mathematician, CEO & founder of H3KLab , FBK senior advisor and former Head of the MPBA research unit. His research vision is the need for connecting high-throughput omics data with environmental variables (bio-geoinformatics), to support new predictive models in human and environmental health. He has published more than 100 scientific works, led about 60 research projects, help founding one spinoff company, but overall he is a founder of the WebValley Summer School, and has run the program since its first edition in 2001.