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Scientific Background

Here we provide a list of the most useful papers to read before starting the WebValley 2018 School.

# Year Authors Title Link
1 2014 Dai et al. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Download
2 2008 Welch, Wu, and Simon Recent Advances in Anthocyanin Analysis and Characterization Download
3 1998 Peñuelas and Filella Visible and near- infrared reflectance techniques for diagnosing plant physiological status Download
4 2015 Chen et al. Predicting the anthocyanin content of wine grapes by NIR hyperspectral imaging Download
5 2011 De Bei et al. Non-destructive measurement of grapevine water potential using near infrared spectroscopy Download
6 2013 Alander et al. A Review of Optical Nondestructive Visual and Near-Infrared Methods for Food Quality and Safety Download
7 2015 Wang et al. Fruit Quality Evaluation Using Spectroscopy Technology: A Review.pdf Download
8 2016 Gibney ‘Open-hardware’ pioneers push for low-cost lab kit Download